ROM Features 2019

Jan 14:  Chris Lee–10th Anniversary Show

• Mini Set- Junko Ogawa & Rick Goggin

Jan 28: Suzanne Mrozak & Brian Cartwright • Mini Set- Chris Ricco

Feb 11:  Rick Drost

• Mini Set- Ana Eder-Mulhane

Feb 25- Roberto & Kathryn 

• Mini Set- Chris Zaremba

Mar 11- Frank Ruzzano

• Mini Set- Jade

Mar 25-
Kate Chadbourne 

• Mini Set- John McLean

Apr 8-
Paul Rishell and Annie Raines 

• Mini Set- Neal Braverman

Apr 22-
Leslie Lee & Steve Gretz 

• Mini Set- Ben Blum

Apr 29-
Millis Berfield Band 

• Mini Set- Ed Loechler

May 13- Don White

• Mini Set- Karen Sauer

May 27-
Chris Wilhelm 

• Mini Set- Lauren Murphy

June 10- David Hoffman- EP Release Party • Mini Set- Carolyn Rundquist

June 24- Jenn Goldson

• Mini Set- Dean Denniston

July 8- Ed Banatt

• Mini Set- Bill Banatt

July 22-
Jane Fallon 

• Mini Set - TBA

Aug 12- Lara Herscovitch 

• Mini Set- Mike Delaney

Aug 26- Mike Williams

• Mini Set- Carol Williams

Sept 9- Steve Friedman 

• Mini Set- Sam Bayer

Sept 23-
Chris Pahud

• Mini set- Johnny Flaherty

Oct 14-
Woody Carpinella 

• Mini Set- Dave Bleckley

Oct 28- He Said, She Said (Melissa Fleming & Charlie Ortolani)

• Mini Set- Brid Clifford

Nov 11- John Olivere

• Mini Set- Dan Olivere

Nov 25- John Shockey

• Mini Set- Brenda Asis

Dec 9- 2019 Grand Finale Show
Hatrack Gallagher 
• Mini Set- John Dino

Suzanne fell in love with traditional music when she was introduced to it as part of her elementary school education in Ontario, Canada, and it continues to be one of the great joys of her life. She has been active in the folk community for many years - the last 38 years of them with the Folk Song Society of Greater Boston ( Before coming to Boston in 1979, she had the great good fortune to live just two blocks from the Old Town School of Folk Music in Chicago and to be a founding member of the Sweet Betsy from Pike Memorial Autoharp Band, a group of eight autoharp players who delighted in singing and playing mostly traditional songs and tunes.

Brian picked up the guitar and harmonica at the age of 15 to join an amplified group of friends emulating the Loving’ Spoonful and the Stones, found classical music as a music major in college, and was preparing for Jimi Hendrix’s discovery of 12-tone technique when Jimi exited. He dealt with the great disillusionment of the disco era by discovering contradance music while living in New Hampshire in the 80s. He is a carpenter in his spare time.

Suzanne and Brian met through a mutual friend in 2006 and have been making sweet music together ever since. They live in Roslindale and are very grateful to the ROM community for providing such a welcoming venue to close to home!

Roslindale Open Mike

 Suzanne Mrozak & Brian Cartwright

Feature - Monday, January 28