2020 Features | Mini-sets

  1-13-20 11th Anniversary Show:

   Rick Goggin, Junko Ogawa, and Friends

                • Ana Eder-Mulhane

  1-27-20  Jim Infantino • Bob Joyce

  2-10-20  Jan Luby • Mike Loveridge

  2-24-20  Plymouth Rock Music • Will Gleason

  3-09-20 David Roth • Cynthia Perkins
Joe Jencks • Charlie Ortolani

  4-06-20  Tret Fure  Sandy Haddon

  4-13-20  He Said, She Said (Melissa Fleming

               & Charlie Ortolani) • Fran Araujo
  4-27-20  Licia Sky • Gus Agudelo
  5-11-20  Cheryl Perreault • Ellen Schmidt
  5-25-20  King Yee & David Jackson
                • Chip Canty
  6-08-20  John Dino • Sherman Whipple

  6-22-20  Carolyn Rundquist

                 • Ornella Blackman

  7-13-20  Peter Reilly • Maryellen & Tom Lane
  7-27-20  Johnny Flaherty • Jan Greene

  8-10-20  Ben Blum • Bob Uvelo

  8-24-20  John McHugh & Uncle Dick

                • Roberta Lamb
  9-14-20  Jade • Freddy Kaye
  9-28-20  Jim Palana • Neil Dale

10-12-20  Mel Gluskin • Diane Battistello

10-26-20  Mike Delaney and the Tritones

                • Bookmatch Duo - Kim Patch &

                   Eric Smalley

11-12-20  Diane Holbrook & Ron Cummings

                • Joe Glavin
11-26-20  Mel Green • Gene Favret

12-14-20  2020 Grand Finale Show
                 Chris Morgan •
Joseph Porteleki

Jim Infantino

Mini Set: Bob Joyce

Jim Infantino grew up in the Manhattan of the 1970s and 80s. He studied Philosophy and became a busker on the streets of Cambridge and Boston.

After a few years of coffeehouses and touring as a solo artist, he formed the band, Jim’s Big Ego. He has released 10 albums. He has been featured on many radio shows including NPR’s All Things Considered and The Doctor Demento Show.

Roslindale Open Mike

Feature - Monday, January 13

In 2012, shortly after the birth of his first child, Jim got the inspiration for a story too large to fit into song and began writing his first speculative fiction novel: The Wakeful Wanderer’s Guide to New New England & Beyond, which he then self-published. The novel has turned into a series under the name The Wakeful Wanderer’s Guide and Jim is now working on book 2 which is due to be published next fall.

When not writing songs or novels or playing music, Jim runs a web design company called Slabmedia, creates code, teaches meditation, and sometimes even gets a little rest.