ROM Features 2019

Jan 14:  Chris Lee–10th Anniversary Show

• Mini Set- Junko Ogawa & Rick Goggin

Jan 28: Suzanne Mrozak & Brian Cartwright • Mini Set- Chris Ricco

Feb 11:  Rick Drost

• Mini Set- Ana Eder-Mulhane

Feb 25- Roberto & Kathryn 

• Mini Set- Chris Toto Zaremba

Mar 11- Frank Ruzzano

• Mini Set- Jade

Mar 25-
Kate Chadbourne 

• Mini Set- John MacLean

Apr 8-
Paul Rishell and Annie Raines 

• Mini Set- Neal Braverman

Apr 22-
Leslie Lee & Steve Gretz 

• Mini Set- Ben Blum

Apr 29-
The Millis Berfield Band 

• Mini Set- Ed Loechler

May 13-
Don White

• Mini Set- Karen Sauer

May 27-
Chris Wilhelm 

• Mini Set- John Dino

June 8-
ROM at Roslindale Farmers Market

• MC/Feature- Mike Williams

June 10- David Hoffman- EP Release Party

• Mini Set- Chris Morgan

June 24- Jenn Goldson

• Mini Set- Dean Denniston

July 6- ROM at Roslindale Farmers Market
• MC/Feature- David Jackson

July 8- Ed Banatt

• Mini Set- Bill Banatt

July 22-
Jane Fallon 

• Mini Set - Terry Kitchen

Aug 10-ROM at Roslindale Farmers Market
• MC/Feature- Branson Bofat, Rick Goggin and Junko Ogawa

Aug 12- Lara Herscovitch 

• Mini Set- Mike Delaney

Aug 26- Mike Williams

• Mini Set- Carol Williams

Sept 9- Steve Friedman 

• Mini Set- Sam Bayer

Sept 14- ROM at Roslindale Farmers Market
• MC/Feature- Mike Delaney, Chris Lee and Karen Sauer

Sept 23- Chris Pahud

• Mini set- Johnny Flaherty

Oct 12-
ROM at Roslindale Farmers Market
• MC/Feature- Terry Kitchen

Oct 14- Woody Carpinella 

• Mini Set- Dave Bleckley

Oct 28- He Said, She Said (Melissa Fleming & Charlie Ortolani)

• Mini Set- David Diamond

Nov 11- John Olivere

• Mini Set- Dan Olivere

Nov 25- John Shockey

• Mini Set- Brenda Asis

Dec 9- 2019 Grand Finale Show
Hatrack Gallagher 
• Mini Set- Lauren Murphy

John Olivere is a singer/songwriter and author.  His forte is writing songs about war and peace. A Purple Heart veteran, John draws inspiration from 8 months he spent in Vietnam in 1968.  Since his discharge, John has been lecturing and writing about his war and peace experiences. 

On Friday, November 8, John and his veteran singer/songwriter buddy, Roland Blair, will do the annual Veterans Day show at Catbird Cafe in Weymouth.  

On Sunday, November 10, John will be interviewed on WATC radio with Sandy Streid and Keith James, and he will be the keynote speaker at Braintree’s Veterans Day observance. 

In 2007, he completed We Regret To Inform You subtitled Purple Heart - The Book about his experiences in Vietnam.  Excerpts can be read at WinterLakeMusic.Com, where it is also available for purchase with paypal.   Kindle and Audible versions are available at Amazon. 

John has released three CDs, Purple Heart , The Olivere Brothers - Volume I, and Silence is Consent . Another Soldier and Hit the Ground Running (available on Silence is Consent), and Home Again are played on radio station WATD 95.9 FM each Memorial Day and Veterans Day.  

From AmieStreet (now Amazon):
"Another Soldier is a brilliant depiction of the emotional aspect of losing loved ones in war.  A statement of how a progressively civilized nation becomes less concerned about the value of life as we progress.  One of the most emotional anti-war songs of not only this but of past generations.”  

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John Olivere

Mini Set: Dan Olivere

Roslindale Open Mike

Feature - Monday, November 11