ROM Features 2019

Jan 14:  Chris Lee–10th Anniversary Show

• Mini Set- Junko Ogawa & Rick Goggin

Jan 28: Suzanne Mrozak & Brian Cartwright • Mini Set- Chris Ricco

Feb 11:  Rick Drost

• Mini Set- Ana Eder-Mulhane

Feb 25- Roberto & Kathryn 

• Mini Set- Chris Zaremba

Mar 11- Frank Ruzzano

• Mini Set- Jade

Mar 19-
Kate Chadbourne 

• Mini Set- John McLean

Apr 8-
Paul Rishell and Annie Raines 

• Mini Set- Neal Braverman

Apr 22-
Leslie Lee & Steve Gretz 

• Mini Set- Ben Blum

Apr 29-
Millis Berfield Band 

• Mini Set- Ed Loechler

May 13- Don White

• Mini Set- Karen Sauer

May 27-
Chris Wilhelm 

• Mini Set- Lauren Murphy

June 10- David Hoffman- EP Release Party • Mini Set- Carolyn Rundquist

June 24- Jenn Goldson

• Mini Set- Dean Denniston

July 8- Ed Banatt

• Mini Set- Bill Banatt

July 22-
Jane Fallon 

• Mini Set - TBA

Aug 12- Lara Herscovitch 

• Mini Set- Mike Delaney

Aug 26- Mike Williams

• Mini Set- Carol Waldvogel

Sept 9- Steve Friedman 

• Mini Set- Sam Bayer

Sept 23-
Chris Pahud

• Mini set- Johnny Flaherty

Oct 14-
Woody Carpinella 

• Mini Set- Dave Bleckley

Oct 28- He Said, She Said (Melissa Fleming & Charlie Ortolani)

• Mini Set- Brid Clifford

Nov 11- John Olivere

• Mini Set- Dan Olivere

Nov 25- John Shockey

• Mini Set- Brenda Asis

Dec 9- 2019 Grand Finale Show
Hatrack Gallagher 
• Mini Set- John Dino

ROM Features 2019

1/08/18: CANCELLED (Neal Braverman & Friends: ROM 9th Anniversary Show)

 ROM moves to Boston School of English 
1/22/18: Ron Israel 
2/12/18: Dean Denniston Jr.

2/26/18: Deborah Galiga   

3/12/18: Johnny Flaherty

3/26/18: Heather Pierson 

4/09/18: Joe Jencks  

4/23/18: Quinn & Chris Eastburn  

5/14/18: Tret Fure  

5/28/18: King Yee and David Jackson

6/11/18: Chris Lee

6/25/18: Fran Araujo

7/09/18: Karen Sauer...and friends

7/23/18: Kevin So

8/13/18: Bob Joyce

8/27/18: Chris Morgan

9/10/18: Oen Kennedy

9/24/18: Neil Dale

10/8/18: Seth Connelly

10/22/18: Maryellen & Tom Lane: The Uneven Lanes
Stephen and the Snake 
11/26/18: Mike Laureanno 
12/10/18: Walnut 

Chris began his musical career singing in church. He drifted into rock and roll, influenced by Elvis Presley, Chuck Berry, and Johnny Cash among others. He was caught up in the folk music revival of the early sixties, and fell in love with the music Harry Belafonte and the sounds of the Caribbean islands. He started playing coffee houses and other folk venues around the Boston area in the late sixties and early seventies, sometimes writing his own material. After meeting Jim Palana early on, they became friends, and Jim’s songs make up a significant portion of the music Chris performs to this day.

A duo with was formed with Dennis O’Neil and they played bars, restaurants, hotels, and other venues in the early to mid-seventies. Chris left to play bass with Frank Damon from the mid-seventies to early eighties. Along with Jim Willis and Arthur Barnes, Bits and Pieces was formed in the late seventies. Art left and was replaced by Janine Allard who eventually became Chris’ wife. The band was sometimes made up of as many as nine pieces, but was mainly a duo after Janine left to raise their daughters. Bits and Pieces continued with some personnel changes until 2013. For much of their performing years, they were regarded as a country band, and were presented a number of awards by the Massachusetts Country Music Awards Association, including the Lifetime Achievement Award.

 Along the way, Chris has played with a number of players in other groups, including Warren, “Bee,” Bachman, a gifted and well regarded harmonica player. Some of these groups included Hobo Mojo, What Is, Chris and Dan, and more recently, the Meadowmuffins with former Orpheus members Eric “Snake” Gulliksen, and Steve Martin.

Roslindale Open Mike

Feature - Monday, January 14

Chris Lee (center) accompanied by Charlie Ortolani, guitar, and Mike Delaney, mandolin

Chris Lee