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David Jackson:

When asked for a bio for the ROM web page, David Jackson’s initial response was…”Feel free to write Dave plays guitar and appreciates people, He! he!”, but we know that his musical roots run deep, so we pressed for more and got the backstory…

“My Biography is made up of events that allowed me to experience People, be it through Mimicry and/or Mentors. My life`s mission is to give back to others all the love and inspiration that has been bestowed to me in such a loving and forgiving way. My Biography is nothing without the people who have Hosted and provided us all with a space to get to a place where we can all share ourselves as authentically and joyfully as we can! I learned to take a page from my Mentors and wanted to give other Artist(s) a chance to be inspired and have a place they could call their performance home, so I started The Driftwood Coffeehouse at the Guyer Barn Gallery/Hyannis Ma. 1989-1996 and next joined and assisted with Project Arts in Plymouth, 1996, a group effort to produce a series of free, family friendly concerts. I then went on to start C.A.P.E. (Coalition Of Artists Performing for Education) from 1999-Present. Now for all Student performers-it has been renamed C.A.P.E. Carousel (To include a Legendary Cape Coffeehouse) I hope to bring attention to for its history!

Growing up severely shy, I was a student of mannerisms and voices, watching people and discovering I had a propensity to mimic Celebrities of the day. I entertained my Teachers & schoolmates with skits of  Paul Lynn, Geraldine Jones, Carol Channing, Bill Cosby and Mahammad Ali, Joe Frazier & Howard Cosel from the sport of Boxing!

Two 2 years after High School, I discovered a Ceilidh gathering as delicious as anyone could imagine, (It was there that I witnessed a young man performing "Fly Away" John Denver`s classic! I couldn`t wait to tell my Mother, what I witnessed. She purchased an acoustic guitar at Woolworths for Christmas and I took it everywhere. In 1978, the South Shore Folk Music club opened its doors in Marshfield, Ma. under Dick Pleasant`s, Mark & Jeanne Ryer and Ed Nute. It was there I had the education of my life. Traditional Music flourished as well as Contemporary songwriters. These names such as: Martin McCarthy, Johnny Cunningham, Sparky Rucker, Guy van Duser & Billy Novick, Pat Hamil and front Porch Swing and Orrin Star and Garry Mehelick not to mention Priscilla Herdman, Vance Gilbert and a Nationally-known Marshfield Story Teller, Jay O’Callahan. That first year of Performing Artists and Host as diverse not only tells the story of why I love my Musical Community, it`s the reason why many of us have been inspired and share a love of acoustic live music! Thank you Neal, Mike, & R.O.M. (You ROMITES!) for inviting me to share the music I love with King Yee who has recorded many R.O.M. acts and assisted with the many needs of performers, including CD`s!”  


King Yee:

I grew up listening to Chinese Opera from a very young age in mainland China and later in Hong Kong. When I was about 8 or 9 years old, my aunt's boyfriend (later became my uncle) gave me a 5-inch tape recorder with songs from United States after his visit in California. I heard songs of Doris Day, Brenda Lee, Everly Brothers, Elvis Presley, Bobby Vee and many others.

Fast forward a few years, I came to United States for good, and it was back to Chinese operas at home. My other aunt's roommate from college would stay with us during the holidays; later on, both my aunt and her roommate moved in. I was in music heaven, she had a record collection of The Beatles, Rolling Stones, what she had was the British invasion music and bands.

The summer of 1967, I spent a summer outside of Hyannis, as I was walking downtown one night, I heard this weird sounding music from the basement of a building. I went in and check it out and I loved what I heard. I went back there the following week and did the same the whole summer. I later learned that was called "Carousel". There so many folk acts and I became a fan of folk music.

After years away from being around music, I had other hobbies and interests with my family. when my children went on their own, I went searching for folk music and I found Ana and Java Jo’s.