Feature - Monday May 27

Chris played his first open mic and has been performing live and recording ever since. He's performed thousands of shows from the subways in Boston to venues up and down the East Coast. And now with Chris Wilhelm and his Friends, are taking it to the next level.

In 2005 he released an album called This Train's Not Going Slow. It reached #3 on Boston's 88.7FM WERS radio charts, and he played shows in many Boston venues including Club Passim, and his local home base for many years, Roslindale Open Mike, (AKA ROM)!

In 2008 Chris did his first solo tour, down to New Orleans and back to Boston. He released his second studio album, Glory, Filth and Fame.

In 2010 did his second solo tour down South with his Dad, fell in love with Asheville, and ended up moving there that year on a "one month trial basis." He lives there to this day. He released a Kickstarter-funded CD called Just Asking.

From 2012-2015 he played 225 shows a year as the singer-songwriter for The Wilhelm Brothers. They released two studio albums with Henry Hirsch, producer of Lenny Kravitz, Madonna, etc.: Lay Your Burden Down and The Sea of the Unwritten. They also released live album Like a Bird.

We at ROM have been so very encouraged by the emphasis on music and playing wherever and whenever Chris can regardless of it being with Friends, (and he has many), to tonight’s Feature here at ROM which will be a solo show for Chris.

Chris was one of the very original members of what we today call our ROMulinCommunity of Artists as Chris played here on our very 2nd show when we began over 11 years ago. The date of that show was 1-26-09. He later played another show at ROM on 2 other dates before tonight and that was on 1-23-12 with his then partner Liam Mckay followed by another solo show on 6-13-16.

Tonight will bring Chris all the way from Asheville N.C. for his ROM-2019 show. We always Love it when Chris comes to join us at ROM--  for many years weekly when he lived in Roslindale-- and now spread out more from North Carolina where he calls home.

We would be totally remiss if we did not give a HUGE shout out to his now wife Andrea Kulish who has not only been a dear Friend to all of us at ROM but has also been  our in house Graphic Artists for all we have made over these many years!! Aside from being one of Chris’s biggest fans, his wife and Living and Loving in the mountains of North Carolina she also runs a most wonderful Art Studio called “Studio A” in Asheville!! Enough of me blabbing on!!

Please come and join us for our great show of a Dear and Old Friend Chris Wilhelm at ROM!!!

Thanks for your Support of ROM over 11 years now and Enjoy the Show!! Bring your instruments as well as Friends and join in with our ever growing Community of Artist’s

                                              Always, Mike & Neal :))

Roslindale Open Mike

Chris Wilhelm  

mini set: John Dino

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