Virtual ROM!

                 7 pm Monday, 22 July 2024

         (2nd and 4th Monday of the month)

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How you can help:

Donate to the

Roslindale Food Pantry

By check :Roslindale Food Pantry
c/o Roslindale Congregational Church
25 Cummins Hwy, Roslindale, MA 02131



The Food Pantry welcomes volunteers!

In remembrance of

Eric "The Snake" Gulliksen


Interview on youtube

Thank you's go out to the Boston School of English, the Roslindale Congregational Church, Brian Higgins and Family of the F. J. Higgins Funeral Home for their years of help and donations to ROM. Also, Sam of the, Elizabeth Swanson of Birch St. House & Garden, the late Judie Leon of Travel by Judie, Josef Porteleki of Roslindale Hardware, Vicky of the Rialto Barber Shop!!, and Boston Radio Legend Dick Summer. Primavera Restaurant Roslindale, Panera Bread West Roxbury...and so many performers over the years:  Cecelia Dahl, George Cronin, Sue Burgess, Gerry Ryan, Charlie Ortolani, Melissa Fleming, Junko Ogawa, Tom Irving, King Yee, David Jackson, Branson Bofat,  Ed Banatt, Darwin MacDonald, Ken Porter, Cheryl Perreault, Jimmy Dorr, Peter Neuendorffer, Chief Noda, Chris Lee, Kathryn Howell, Roberto Mighty, Jim Palana, Suzanne Mrozak, Brian Cartwright, Ben Chase, Ariella Montanez, Lorraine and Bennett Hammond, Branson Bofat, Tom Smith (again), Steve Rapson, Chrissy LeCato of In Tune Guitar Picks, Barry Spiro, Mel Gluskin, Ed Banatt, Johnny Flaherty, Chris Lee (again), Charlie Ortolani (again), Gus Agudelo, Dean Denniston, Carolyn Rundquist (again), David Diamond, Cheryl Perreault, Ellen and Allan Schmidt, Chip Canty (again), Peter Reilly, Chris Thompson, Mr. Kurt and Geoff Pango, John Boehmer, David Walther, Steve Rapson, Joe Cataldo, Mike Delaney, Dean Denniston (again), Chris Lee (again), Karen Sauer, Bob Joyce, Chris Morgan,  Neil Dale, Tom and Maryellen Lane, Mike Laureanno, Jenn Goldson, Mike Williams, Steve Friedman, John Shockey, and most recently, Susan and Andy Anderson for their time and generous donations to ROM.

Serving over 40 Greater Boston communities since 1997

​​All are Welcome!!

ROM suspended its live meetings in the spring of 2020 due to the pandemic. We hope to begin meeting again in person as soon as feasible. In the mean time...

ROM meets on Zoom the 2nd and 4th Monday of the month, 7pm-10:30pm

Our Golden Rule is “All are Welcome!!” We want a place to listen, a place with a non-judgmental, supportive audience, that appreciates the diversity of our performers, from beginners to touring professionals.

Everyone should be treated with kindness and performers are encouraged to use their screen time to grow as a performer. Everyone is expected to listen politely to their fellow open mikers.

Supportive comments on Zoom are welcome.

We are all on a journey with a wide range of goals and aspirations.  We seek to help our caring community continue to thrive.

Thank You's

Charles Ortolani 1951 - 2023

Melissa Fleming 1951 - 2023

(click on names above for obituary website)

We are heartbroken to report that Charlie Ortolani passed away December 12 from a long illness. Melissa Fleming, his wife,and musical partner, and performer in her own right, passed away the following day, December 13. This is an unfathomable loss for all of us who knew them.

Proud sponsor since 2009

Below is a recollection of Roslindale Open Mike's humble beginnings by founding partner Mike Delaney.

A Brief History of ROM 
The thread that led to Roslindale Open Mike (ROM) began around 1994 at  Java Jo's coffee shop in East Milton...


New vROM details:

To pick a performance slot click on the link below:

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The first 25 signups will get a 5-minute performance slots. Performers will use ZOOM. They will receive an invite for the meeting via email. Others can watch the live or recorded performance on the new

Roslindale Open Mike YouTube channel at:

Roslindale Open Mike

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