Roslindale Open Mike

Thank You's...  

Thank you's go out to the Boston School of English, the Roslindale Congregational Church, Brian Higgins and Family of the F. J. Higgins Funeral Home for their years of help and donations to ROM. Also, Sam of the, Elizabeth Swanson of Birch St. House & Garden, the late Judie Leon of Travel by Judie, Josef Porteleki of Roslindale Hardware and Vicky of the Rialto Barber Shop!! Also, Primavera Restaurant Roslindale, Panera Bread West Roxbury, Cecelia Dahl, George Cronin, Sue Burgess, Gerry Ryan, Charlie Ortolani, Melissa Fleming, Junko Ogawa, Tom Irving, King Yee, David Jackson, Branson Bofat,  Ed Banatt, Darwin MacDonald, Ken Porter, Cheryl Perreault, Jimmy Dorr, Peter Neuendorffer, Chief Noda, Chris Lee, Kathryn Howell, Roberto Mighty, Jim Palana, Suzanne Mrozak, Brian Cartwright, Ben Chase, Ariella Montanez, Lorraine and Bennett Hammond, Branson Bofat, Tom Smith (again), Steve Rapson, Chrissy LeCato of In Tune Guitar Picks, Barry Spiro, Mel Gluskin, Ed Banatt, Johnny Flaherty, Chris Lee (again), Charlie Ortolani (again), Gus Agudelo, Dean Denniston, Carolyn Rundquist (again), David Diamond, Cheryl Perreault, Ellen and Allan Schmidt, Chip Canty (again), Peter Reilly, Chris Thompson, Mr. Kurt and Geoff Pango, John Boehmer, David Walther, Steve Rapson, Joe Cataldo, Mike Delaney, Dean Denniston (again), Chris Lee (again), and Boston Radio Legend Dick Summer, for their time and generous donations to ROM.


The Roslindale Open Mike (ROM) is held on the second and fourth Mondays of the month at The Boston School of English, 814 South Street, Roslindale, MA 02131. This is on the other side of Roslindale Square from the previous location.

"Accessible to ALL"

Parking: Park on the street--be careful for "Residents Parking Only" signs. Unfortunately, you cannot park for free in the Commuter Rail lot. You can park there for $4 by using the PayByPhone app or calling  866-234-7275 (If you don't pay, they may send you a bill for $4.50). Or, park for free in the lighted public parking on Taft Hill Terrace.  

All are Welcome!! No Cover!!

Our Golden Rule is “All are Welcome!!” We want a listening room, with a non-judgmental, supportive audience, that appreciates the diversity of our performers, from beginners to touring professionals. Everyone should be treated with kindness and encouraged to use their stage time to grow as a performer. Everyone is expected to listen politely to their fellow open mikers. Loud conversations should be conducted in the entryway or outside. 

We are all on a journey with a wide range of goals and aspirations.  We seek to help our caring community continue to thrive.


Roslindale Open Mike (ROM) uses a random draw of names to set the order of performers. Performers, Neal, or his designee will put their names in the basket before 6:40 pm on that particular ROMday. In order to finish by 10:30 PM no more than 30 names will be written on the whiteboard.

Our goal is to be fair, equitable, and consistent. The names are randomly drawn from the basket at 6:40 PM.  Anyone arriving after the names are drawn will be added to the end of the list in the order of arrival. If there is still time before 10:30 pm more names will be added.

As a courtesy to people coming from work or from a distance, early signups will be accepted by email, only at, until noon of the ROM Monday.

People with special needs (as defined by ROM) or who have indicated that they will be arriving late will be accommodated if possible.

First timers are given their choice of a slot if they are in the room before our Random draw

After the performance order has been drawn, any swaps for an earlier or later slot may be arranged between the people requesting the swap, but only Neal, or his designee, will change the performance order on the board.  Anyone who misses their slot due to late arrival will be accommodated at some point after they arrive, if possible, on that night.

Our Plan is for everyone to get to play one song (NO LONGER THAN 5 MINUTES, including your introduction!) and if we finish the first round before 10:00 PM some willing participants may get a second song using the same performance order. This should allow everyone to perform before the 10:30 PM ending.

Everyone is requested to be tuned up and ready to go when it is their turn and & be sitting by the stage in the designated ROMdeck circle! Please keep song introductions brief.

Everyone is requested to maintain a listening room atmosphere and is encouraged to be courteous and respectful of all performers.
Use one of the two small rooms off the entrance to the performance area for instrument storage, tuning, and practicing (quietly or between performances).

Doors open at 6 PM and the open mike performances start at 7 PM, with our evening feature act at 8:30 PM. We pass the "NOT-HAT" (because it's not a hat, it's a MASSIVE  BUCKET!) for the feature. Mike usually has his "practice session" at 6 PM. So, show up early, stay ‘til late, or drop by when you can.

All refreshments are at NO COST but there is a donation basket, all of which is given to the school to thank them for offering this great venue.

This is an all-volunteer effort, so we would love for you to help out making this open mike a success. Would you like to help us set up, host, mix sound, clean up, etc?
Please consider bringing some food or beverages to share. (And of course this open mike is FAMILY FRIENDLY: non-alcoholic, drug-free, non-smoking and no inappropriate language. Please don't smoke on the school grounds--we don't want to lose this venue due to cigarette butts.)

When he's available, Steve Friedman of Melville Park ( will be there to record your performance for your upcoming live CD.

You can email Neal (neal@roslindaleopenmike.ORG) or Mike ( with suggestions on how to make the nights better and better.  

Neal Braverman  

Mike Delaney
Twitter: @FolkMikeDelaney