Roslindale Open Mike

Well Hello There All You House Bound Dwellers!

In the words of the inimitable Mick Jagger, “Please allow me to introduce myself … ”, this is Gus, Dean’s new boss and the captain of his Walk team.

Gotta admit, these past months the boy has been a real challenge for me.  Trying to move him from place to place, point to point, or pillar to post has been difficult.  Its hard trying to follow directions from someone who at his age is still trying to figure out his left from his right, and who sometimes has to leave a trail of bread crumbs along his route so he can find his way back home!

And now the boy tells me that he wants to participate in this years Walk to End Elder Isolation sponsored by FriendshipWorks!

Don’t get me wrong.  The Walk, the goal, and the mission are all good.  For more than thirty five years FriendshipWorks has been a leader in the implementation of activities and programs whose goal is to keep elders from social isolation.  Through its friendly visitors, medical escorts, pet pals, music, and a host of other programs FriendshipWorks has created social connections and helped to improve the health and well being of elders living in the Boston/Brookline and surrounding neighborhoods.

This year because of the Coronavirus, the walk is going to be virtual.  Upon reflection, this may not be a bad thing for me-given my boss’s energy level and his orientation and navigation skills!  It might be less problematic for me to just walk him around the house a couple of times before he collapses on the couch!

The Walk to End Elder Isolation will take place on Sunday, May 17.  Although the walk will be virtual, the issues and difficulties faced by frail and isolated elders are not.  They are real and ongoing. 

I have a feeling that most of the heavy lifting to get the boy through this event will fall upon my shoulders-or paws, so I am reaching out to ask you to join my team, the “Gus Busters”, to help us achieve our goal to raise $5,000 to help support FriendshipWorks.

After all, when you need help, … who you gonna call …?!

Thanks and happy tail wags!


A Special Appeal from ROM regular Dean Denniston's dog, Gus.

Go to FriendshipWorks to learn more and for instructions on how to donate.

If you prefer to donate by check rather than on line , please make your check payable to FriendshipWorks and mail to:


105 Chauncy Street

Boston, MA 02111

Write Gus Busters on the memo line so that we (me!!) will get credit for doing the walk!